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Multinational accounting disclosure management

Milliman Account

Milliman Account™ is a web-based tool for managing multinational accounting disclosures. Actuaries in different countries can submit disclosure via Milliman Account for the plans they manage. Data can then be validated as needed and automatically converted to required currencies before being consolidated into a single disclosure. Milliman Account is compatible with three accounting standards: IAS 19, FRS 17, or ASC Subtopic 715-20.

Milliman Account offers multiple levels of access: for a lead actuary, local actuaries, and clients. Lead or local actuaries, or other users, have the rights to create disclosures in Milliman Account. The key advantage is the actuaries’ ability in various countries to input financial information directly to the spreadsheet. Options include: inputting blank disclosures, copying from existing disclosures, and importing from a spreadsheet using a spreadsheet template.

With Milliman Account, creating, tracking, and consolidating disclosures is easier than ever. Each actuary or other user can input their own numbers online and the tool converts foreign currencies before consolidating disclosures in one document.

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