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Insurance has always been a data-driven business, but emerging technologies in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence promise to enable a new generation of insights that look into the future, not just back to the past.

Build a smarter future

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The vast amounts of information produced by insurance technology holds the promise to enable accurate predictions, competitive insights, and intelligent actions.

Powered by the cloud, enriched with powerful new modeling methodologies, predictive analytics are powerful tools—for those who know how to use them.


What is predictive analytics?

See how Milliman predictive analytics helps clients uncover value in their data.


ERM: Evolution and transformation

Enterprise risk management is evolving, and insurance companies now have more sophisticated ways to control information.


Milliman related products

Reserving and IBNP reserve estimation


Analyze unpaid claims liabilities with industry-leading stochastic and deterministic reserving tools and methods.

Insurance risk assessment
Insurance risk assessment


IntelliScript combines industry-leading data and analysis to provide insurers the knowledge, tools, and insight to confidently assess risk.

Financial modeling and industrialization
Financial modeling & industrialization


Automate and accelerate actuarial modeling and reporting with a powerful, cloud-based solution.


Milliman Claim Variability Benchmarks

Assess the quality of stochastic unpaid claim distributions used for enterprise risk management and dynamic financial analysis.

Auto policy underwriting

Milliman AccuRate Fleet

AccuRate Fleet™ is a usage-based insurance score designed to enable more accurate pricing of fleet exposure and driving behavior risk.

Litigation cost analytics
Litigation cost analytics


Detect patterns in attorney billing practices using powerful algorithms, helping manage costs and improve claims defense.

Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics


Analyze a wide range of claims data to identify those likely to incur high costs, helping optimize management and reduce costs.

Premium comparison platform
Premium comparison platform


Identify new market sectors, pinpoint adverse selection, and make better pricing decisions with a web-based premium comparison tool.

Geographic rating insights


Milliman PinPoint delivers relevant geographic rating insights to your system at the point of decision through a simple API.

Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics


Visually explore industry experience against your own and make intelligent decisions based on drivers of policyholder behavior.


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Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

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