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Milliman Climate Resilience Initiative

Complex doesn’t mean unsolvable.

Climate change is not a problem that will be solved in silos. As experts in risk, Milliman has a unique view into our climate future and its cascading effects on governments, communities, and businesses. That’s why we’re launching a worldwide initiative to create new pathways to resilience.


A powerful climate risk coalition

Building on a foundation of expertise modeling complex risks, the Milliman Climate Resilience Initiative (MCRI) unites perspectives across industry, government, academic, and not-for-profit sectors to anticipate and measure the most pressing climate risks and drive effective responses.

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The WUI Data Commons: Driving wildfire resilience through data transparency

Experts from the insurance, fire service, catastrophe modeling and actuarial professions have come together to propose a solution: the WUI Data Commons.

Increasingly, large and destructive wildfires are devastating WUI communities and destabilizing homeowners insurance markets. In the face of these rapidly changing conditions, insurers and reinsurers need accurate and comprehensive information to better understand and manage the risk.


After COP27: Implementing people-centered climate adaptation

What are the actionable steps insurers, policymakers, and organizations can take to implement a more human-centered approach to climate adaptation and mitigation?

Featuring speakers from the Insurance Development Forum, the Global Risk Modelling Alliance, Swiss Re, the V20, and Milliman.

Areas of Expertise

Climate intelligence for key decisions

Whether it’s our breadth of expertise or data solutions, MCRI provides insight into the complex interrelationships between various climate risks.

Physical Risk

Grappling with growing catastrophes

As climate change accelerates, catastrophic events are becoming increasingly common. Whether flood, wildfire, or drought, MCRI is analyzing these events and modeling the risk to help reduce or absorb the impacts of climate change.

Financial Risk

The climate bottom line

Where there is risk, there is also opportunity. Asset managers, institutional investors, and governments are showing increasing interest in climate-related investment. MCRI is investigating advanced approaches to data gathering and modeling to bring climate mitigation investment to the mainstream.

Health and Well-Being

Wellness in a warming world

Understanding how climate change affects patterns of health and disease is critical to supporting human welfare. MCRI will expand on Milliman’s history of innovation in microinsurance, taking an expansive view of wellness impacts at the intersection of complex factors such as agriculture, disease, and nutrition.

Transition Risk

Adapting with agility

As the world transitions to new forms of energy, economic growth, and regulatory requirements, governments and organizations need to navigate change successfully. Whether change stems from policy or public perception, MCRI is able to model transition risk so that organizations can build sustainable long-term strategies.

Liability Risk

Getting ahead of the challenges

Organizations face liability risk when they fail to sufficiently disclose the effects of climate change on their businesses. MCRI seeks to quantify the magnitude and nature of these issues and help build new approaches to responsible governance that enable companies to become part of the solution.

Enterprise Risk

Seeing the big picture

MCRI understands the varied risks climate change poses to businesses, including insurance availability, regulatory requirements, and talent acquisition. Our modeling and data help businesses make smart financial decisions while building thriving workforces and communities.


United Nations Capital Development Fund

Michael J. McCord and Abhisheik Dhawan from the UNCDF write about long-term climate adaptation bonds in Fortune.

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The latest MCRI research


Critical Point Episode 29: Understanding the impact of flooding on mortgage risk

Listen to the podcast

See how we’re anticipating, measuring, and responding to climate risk


Flood insurance

Enterprise risk management

Catastrophe reserving and loss reserve verification

Mortgage & credit risk

Complex risk assessment


Property analytics


Data-driven solutions for climate resilience

Geographic rating insights


Milliman PinPoint delivers relevant geographic rating insights to your system at the point of decision through a simple API.

Reserve and liability modeling
Reserve and liability modeling
Mortgage platform for investments & reinsurance

Milliman M-PIRe

A comprehensive platform to evaluate mortgage investment opportunities, trends in the market, and portfolio aggregation.

Modern flood insurance program


Milliman Bungalow is a private flood insurance plan that includes advisory loss costs, risk classification rating factors, and rating rules.

Healthcare analytics
Healthcare analytics
Healthcare analytics


Adopt the healthcare industry’s leading platform for data warehousing and healthcare analytics.

Complex risk

Milliman Complex Risk Analysis (CRisALIS)

Milliman CRisALIS is a next-generation cyber risk solution that incorporates a forward-looking approach to modeling how cyber risks occur and propagate.

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Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

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